Once you add your website to Google webmaster tool and verify it, you can start managing it and check your data. All data may not visible immediately some will take time, so you have to wait for that.

After adding and verification of website your page will look something like this.

Google Webmaster tools home pageNow lets look at the menu options present on top of the page one by one.Let us become familiar with some of option available on the Google webmaster Tools’ home page.

Let’s start with the menu on the left hand side of the page.

The first menu is “Home” which is links to the home page. You can also click the word  in red font “Webmaster Tools” to reach the home page.

Google Webmaster tools home page menu

The second menu is “All Message”. It is the central location from where you will be able to see any alert which Google webmaster has for all the website added to your webmaster account.

Google Webmaster tools home page All messages

The third menu is “Other Resources”. This contains links to useful webmaster tool which we will discuss about in later chapters.

Google Webmaster tools home page menu Other resources

Now lets look at the menu options present on top of the page one by one.

Google wbmaster menu Buttons

1. The first button is to sort the website added to the webmaster account by website health or alphabetically.


2. The second button is to change the view of the list of websites added to the webmaster account either to detail or compact.


3. If you have gone through previous chapter you must already be familiar with this button. You can use this button or menu option to add a new website to your webmaster account.

Google Webmaster tools add site

4. Fourth button is the most important one which is “Help”. You can use this whenever you want to get some answers about webmaster tool. Clicking on it brings up a dialog box with a search box and link of some popular topic. You can also send feedback from here.

Google Webmaster help

5. The button next to help is Webmaster tool preference button. Using this button you can change the language for the message. Enable or disable the email notification and also choose whether you want notification of Top issue which is most critical issue or all issues.

cogwebmaster setttings

Coming to the important part of the home page that is a list of websites added to your account. Here you can click on the URL link of your website to access the data and tools for your website and you can click on manage site button to manage a website on webmaster account.

We will take a look on website date and tool in much detail in the coming chapters. Let us look at “Manage site” option now.

webmaster tools manage site

Clicking on “Manage site” Will give you three menu options.

(i) Add or remove users.

(ii) Google Analytics Property

(iii) Delete site

The last option is fairly simple choosing this option will remove your website permanently from webmaster account. So we will discuss about first two options only.

Google Webmaster tools add site option

(i) Add or remove users: Add or remove user option will bring you to a page where you can see the list of users who are currently added to your webmaster account if you have not added anyone you will only see your email address. This option is very useful in case if you are not managing your webmaster account and you have hired someone to look after it. Here you can also manage owner of your website by clicking on “Manage site owner” link.

Let us first talk about “Add or remove  user” first.

Google webmaster tool add remove users

Once you click on “Add new user” button a dialogue button will appear where you can enter the email address of a person whom you want to manage your website on webmaster and then you can assign him permission either full or restricted depending on what work you are delegating.

Google webmaster tool add users

It is never advisable to ask someone whom you hired to add your website directly as an owner into his webmaster account. The best approach is to create your own account and then add the hired person as a full or restricted user. In this way, if you remove the person looking after your website and hire someone else you simply need to remove the user from the list and add someone else. This would make sure that your website data is only visible to the person whom you want.

To look what kind of permission an owner, full user or restricted user has please click on the link below. This will help you make the decision about whom to give what permission.


Now let us talk about “Manage Site owners” option.

A user will full permission does not get all access that an owner has. In case if you want some ne to manage everything for you and don’t want to be bothered about anything. Then you can use this option to add someone as a verified owner of your website.

You simply need to click on “ Manage site owners” link and this will bring you to a page where you will have “Add an owner button” click on this button it will give you the option to enter the email address of the person who will manage your website on webmaster.

This method is still better than asking someone to add your website directly to his webmaster account because here you have full control you can remove his account from webmaster any time when you want without even asking him. This will make sure your data is in safe hands and no unwanted user has access to it.

Google webmaster tools verified owner

(ii) Google Analytics property: This option helps you associate your Google webmaster tool account with the Google analytic account. Google analytic account mainly gives data about how the site is performing in terms of traffic and data related to traffic. By associating webmaster account with the analytic account you will be able to see webmaster data in analytic account. This would help to see almost all necessary data at one point.

However, you still need a webmaster account because the tools available in webmaster account is not available in analytics account.

Using this option you can associate all websites in webmaster account with analytic account or some.

Google webmaster tool analytics properties

This brings us to the end of chapter 3. Please feel free to use the forum to ask your question.