In this tutorial I will teach you how to create a website with WordPress in 15 minutes and that too without coding. Yes, this is true even a non coder can create a working website full of great features. This has been made possible by website CMS.

Now you would ask what is CMS?

Content Management System or CMS is an application that allows publishing, editing and modifying content, organizing, deleting as well as maintenance from a central interface. There are some application which has been developed from just being a content management system to tool which can create a fully functional website along with the facility to manage content. Some common example of such CMS are WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and there are many more.

I have chosen WordPress for this tutorial to create website as this is by far the most successful CMS and the most easy to learn and implement a CMS plus it is 100% free. If you have ever installed a game or if you have made any changes to the settings of your computer using computer panel then there is no reason why you can’t  create a website using WordPress.

The only thing which you need here is domain and web hosting services. If you haven’t got it and are deciding which web hosting company to choose you can read my blog how to choose a web hosting provider for your website?

So without wasting any time, let us get started.

Step 1: Download WordPress software.

To download software, visit and click on download button on home page.

Download wordpress

This would give you the option to choose between .zip and .tar.gz file. If your web hosting is Windows, then choose .zip file, if it is Linux web hosting then choose .tar.gz file which is zipped file for Linux OS.

download wordpress file

Do not unzip the downloaded file as we need to upload this file to our web hosting account and uploading zipped file will be a lot easier and faster.

Step 2: Upload the file.

You can upload files in two ways. First, you can do it via FTP using a client application like Filezilla. For this you would need to set up an FTP account with a user name and password which is quite easier and every hosting provider provides a short tutorial on how to do it or you can call technical support of your web hosting provider they can help you do this.

Second, you can do it through File manager. I like this method as I find this easy. You need to log in to your CPanel which every web hosting provider  provides with web hosting account. It is similar to the control panel of your computer where you get various tools to maintain your website.

Once you are logged in to your CPanel look for File manager and open it.

File upload

Next, you need to look for public_html and open it.

Public html

This folder would contain folders of all your domain name which you have purchased. Open the folder which has domain name for which you want to create the website.  Now you should see an option to upload somewhere in the menu bar. Click on upload.


Now this will give you the option to choose the file from your compute and choose permission to apply to the folder you wish to upload. I would suggest to leave to default which is permission 644 unless there is any explicit reason to change this. This would mostly appear in Linux web hosting on windows it may ask you to specify permission for user, group or world. So you need to choose a setting as mentioned in the screenshot below. Ideally, this should be there by default so just leave it as it is.

upload settings

Once upload is complete you should see the zipped WordPress file in the root directory f your domain.

worpress file

You need to select this file and extract it here by using the extract option from the menu.

extract wordpress file

This should create an extracted WordPress folder in the root directory of the domain.

wordpress file

Open this folder and move all sub folders back to the root directory of the domain. So now all the your sub folders should be in the home directory of domain like this. You can delete the WordPress folder as it is empty now.

move wordpress file

Step 3: Create database.

I am sure by now many of you who are dealing with database first time would freak out, how am I going to do this, don’t worry it is very simple. Go to your home page of Cpanel. Look for Database tab and locate MySQL database.

Create database

Click on this option, it will ask you to create a database. You simply need to type the name of database and it is done. I bet you most of you wouldn’t have thought it would be so simple.

You also need to create a user name with password and assign this username password to this database.  While providing permission to username for this database make sure you give all privileges to the user name.

Make sure you remember database username and password as it will be used while installing WordPress.

adding database

Add new user

add user to database

Step 4: Follow WordPress wizard and install WordPress on your website.

Type your domain name in any browser. This would bring a WordPress wizard.

The first option will be to choose the language. Choose your selected language and click continue.

wordpress wizard

Next it gives you instruction and ask you to proceed. Read instruction carefull and click on “Let’s Go”.

wordpress wizard

Next it will ask you to enter database name which you have created in MySQL database and the username and password which you have assigned to this database. Keep the Database Host as “localhost” and Table prefix as “wp_” and click on submit.

wordpress wizard

Now click on “Run the Install”.

install wordpress

Next it will ask you for website title, username and password for website and email address to recover this password. Enter all these details and click on “Install WordPress”.

wordpress site information

Now WordPress is installed now. Click on login to proceed.

login to wordpress

This is it now you can log in with your username and password on your website to see the admin dashboard or you can click on “back to Site title” to see your website.

login page


Wordpress Website

Admin Dashboard:

wordpress admin dashboard

So you have created your website and that too in 30 minutes.

In the next chapter, we will talk about how to give your new WordPress website nice look using the theme.