Welcome to the community of smart people, welcome to Smarttechnobiz a learning and knowledge sharing platform. Smarttechnobiz aims to build a community and a platform where people can learn and share their ideas and experience related to but not limited to internet marketing, entrepreneurship, technology, blogging and life.

Who is behind smarttechnobiz.com? 


Hi, My Name is Rajeev Ranjan Kumar. I am 28 year techie who lives in New Delhi India. I love technology and life. About me, I am an IT professional, entrepreneur, blogger, learner and visionary.

Why smarttechnobiz.com?

Smarttechnobiz is a byproduct of my dream to become an entrepreneur. Starting from my school days I always wanted to be my own boss and have my own business. However, it is not easy for someone who belongs to a lower middle class family in India.

In spite of all these difficulties both financial and educational I never gave up. One of the key challenges to become an entrepreneur is getting knowledge about what you want to do. It is even more difficult if you do not get guidance and a mentor.

Finding a mentor is again not easy, if you get one you are lucky. I have been one of those unlucky people who had to do all the learning alone. However, I do not consider it as hard luck, but a boon which has enhanced my ability to learn new things.

One of the key things you need to learn to be a successful entrepreneur is marketing. With the increase in internet usage internet marketing has become one of the important methods to market a product or business. I realized this and went on to learn it.

Again learning internet marketing is not an easy task, especially in India where you do not have good internet marketing institute. So for me the internet and self study was the only method to learn it. While learning SEO I found that there are lots of free resources on the internet but they are scattered. This increases the difficulty of learning especially if you are learning alone.

I was also introduced to blogging while learning SEO. This gave me an idea to create a website where I can develop a community where people can share what they have learnt and benefit from the knowledge of others.

I have started my part by sharing knowledge whatever I have and I would highly encourage you to take part in this knowledge sharing platform.

I have started with sharing my knowledge about SEO, WordPress, Drupal, blogging and online money making tips. I will be adding more to it like Google Adwords, Bing Ad Centre and Social media optimization.  I would request you to add to existing categories if you want to or you can request to create a new one.

This website is not just limited to, blog post, it will host podcast, videos, webinars and seminars. Smarttechnobiz will not be limited to reading blog post, but it aims to bring people closer and share their ideas and knowledge through various platforms.

As stated earlier Smarttechnobiz is also about entrepreneurship so If you have any business idea, whether it is an online business or offline business  or any business and you want to discuss it or get help you can use this platform to discuss it with the community here. I will try to help in whatever possible ways I can or would try to give best possible suggestion.

Having said that I would like to state that I do not consider myself a guru in any of these fields. I am still learning and I am just sharing what I have learnt which may be prone to error so please read terms and condition and disclaimer before proceeding.

However, I am confident that if we learn and share together we can become better. So I welcome you to your own community of smart people and would thank you for your valuable time.